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Improve your business by using variable data printing.
Why is variable data printing valuable to your business? You can create personalized printed marketing pieces. With personalization you can target your prospects one-to-one regardless of the quantity.
How do we create these personalized pieces? You provide PrintLynx with the data file and we’ll combine the information in your list with the artwork. As the piece is printed, the recipient’s unique information is applied in the appropriate position.
How can you best use variable data in your business?
  • Send appointment reminders including the time and date of the customer’s next appointment
  • Mail service reminders with dates and lists of services needed.
  • Include store addresses based on the location of the recipient.
  • Use the customer’s name or business name in the body of the message.
  • Use your imagination to broaden your opportunities
If you can imagine the piece and have the data, PrintLynx can make it happen.

Variable Data Checklist makes sure we get it right.

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